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Request Information

Please email us and we will send you a request form. The following information will be what we need:

- Full Name with rank/title 


- Relationship to your hero

- Choose whether you would like a Hawaiian shirt or t-shirt

- (For Hawaiian shirts only) what name would you like to go on the tag

- Your heroes two favorite colors

- (For Hawaiian shirts only) what 1 or 2 symbols/logos/items/ect. would you like on the shirt

- (For t-shirts only) what info would you like on the front of the shirt as well as a photo for the back

- Please include a little background/story of your hero as I would love to get to know them to honor them in the best way possible

- Family will be sent 5 free shirts so please let me know what sizes you would like as well as an address to send them to.

Disclaimer: At this time we are only able to donate shirts to immediate family. If you have questions about creating a custom shirt please feel free to text or email us.

Request A Shirt: Store Policies
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