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Inside James Johnston's Hawaiians for Heroes

James Johnston's Hawaiians for Heroes was born to honor my husband and other heroes like him. My husband James, he was killed in Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan on June 25th, 2019. He is my soul mate and love of my life and he LOVES Hawaiian shirts! The bright, bold, fun colors and patterns matched his personality quite well, he was never one to just blend in or go unnoticed. To be honest when he first started wearing them 3 years ago I thought they were awful and couldn't understand why he decided he needed to wear them every Friday at work or when he went to Korea for the year in 2018 every Sunday for beers and BBQS. Well, they quickly became a part of him and I slowly grew to love them. I found myself smiling every time he got new ones and would get so excited he had to try them all on and show me. His closest quickly became packed with Hawaiian shirts of all colors and patterns! He even brought them to Afghanistan with him to wear any chance he got. After he died myself and his family wanted to honor him in a way that he would have loved so we decided to continue his tradition of wearing Hawaiian shirts every Friday. It was one little piece of joy I clung to, seeing everyone in their Hawaiian shirts through the most painful days of my life. It is my hope that with this company we will be able to pass on other small moments of joy to other families of the fallen with beautiful shirts to honor their loved one!

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